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A franchise that built itself on merit

Market research and formulas were never used to justify the start of the Baron & Quail in 1993. It was built on an idea and the gut feeling of Barry Twiss. An idea with qualities that has, in turn, built the Baron Group into a formidable market leader and a franchise concept in a class of its own and a brand that creates loyalty. The Baron group is in the process of undergoing a facelift. Our new look stores Woodmead, Bryanston (On Main) and Sandown (Fredman Dr) are testimony to this. The "new generation" Baron has moved away from the more traditional old English pub look to a more modern but contemporary looking Manhattan grill house still with its traditional bar incorporated into the smoking area as well as a wine room for vintage wines. The new look and feel aligns itself with its new payoff line "Contemporary Dining".

What makes the baron work

It starts with the atmosphere that says relax. Then comes a level of service that is driven by our motto "Nothing is too much trouble". And to top it all is the quality of cuisine. From the light meals to the restaurant menu, a Baron serves dishes that are in a league of their own. The Baron also has a reputation for its great steaks which are dry and wet aged in a separate cold room. These steaks are yet another example of why Baron food is unrivalled.

We also offer a huge variety of beverages that range from draughts and beers to a specialist wine list (only in our new generation stores) which is maintained by a wine consultant. There's also a complete range of spirits and liqueurs.

Customer profile

Baron restaurants are popular venues for social and family gatherings, business lunches and corporate functions. During the three main periods (lunch, afternoon, dinner) there is an extremely large regular customer base, comprising of 60% male and 40% female ratio, mainly in the middle to upper income bracket. The regular base comprises approximately 60% of the clientele.


The restaurants cater for 120 to 300 customers depending on the location. Store sizes vary between 450 and 800 square metres.


We assist and advise each prospective franchisee in the site selection process as this relates directly to the success of the store. A list of potential sites that meet our criteria will be made available to you on request.


Capital required: R4 million (R2 million unencumbered)
Upfront Fee: R150 000 to secure a Franchise
Franchise Royalty Fee:  6% of monthly net turnover
Administration / Analysis Fee: R2000.00 monthly (annual market related escalation)

The Baron Group supplies each franchisee with invaluable information and business tools based on your daily financial, banking and payment records at store level. We handle the monthly recording and reporting of financial information to enable storeowners to attend to the business of running the store. This includes detailed monthly income statements and analysis, full expense analysis and separate analysis for food and liquor cost of sales. All these are done on a comparative basis i.e. on a month to month basis and on a store to store basis, allowing you to identify and correct any weakness.

The fee also includes the overall administration of the franchise, the supply of operational support to the individual stores and development of the franchise concept, training programs for staff of the individual stores and maintenance of the Baron standards (The administration support is optional but is highly recommended).


The Baron has a two week evaluation program for all potential franchisees. This gives both parties an opportunity to assess and decide before entering into a business relationship. It should also be noted that it is a general requirement that stores be run by the owners.


Complete and comprehensive training covering all aspects is supplied by the Baron Group. New kitchen staff for example are given two months of intensive in-house training at the Baron in Woodmead or another accredited Baron more suitable. Managers and owners will spend at least three months at our training store.
The courses offer the following: Food and beverage knowledge, specialized food preparation, efficient food serving (controls), hygiene in kitchens and serving areas, operating procedures for all electronic equipment, client and customer relations, selling skills for management and staff, general management skills and procedures and daily administration.

All this is backed by on-going training and updates.

Project management

The Baron manages the design, layout and final plans of each new store. We also implement the whole project using our network of architects, builders, project managers and sub-contractors. Ensuring that your store is ready in minimum time and at the best cost.

The baron look

The new generation baron is more minimalist with a contemporary look about it which has also not lost the traditional essence of what has made the Baron famous. Each restaurant is furnished in the same style and yet is unique by way of design and interior decoration. The restaurants are custom built to Baron specifications with drinking shelves placed strategically around the bar area. The smoking area usually is incorporated into the pub area. Each Baron has an outdoor dining area to enjoy the most of South Africa's sunshine.