The Baron Group is a professional entertainment group.
Managed and operated by a team of dynamic professionals. We ensure that quality
& service to our clientele is fast and efficient, and of the highest standard.

  • High Quality Food

    The Baron’s have always been renowned for serving only the highest quality food. Prepared under strict quality control standards.

  • Motivated Staff

    The staff are driven by their motto : “nothing is too much trouble” An entrenched ethic that all staff members conform to.

  • Vast Experience

    Twenty four years, on, with a franchise concept in a class of its own. The Baron's are branded around loyalty and experience.

  • Fast/Efficient Service

    Whether it is a draught beer or a succulent steak, the Baron Group will offer you value for money, and service renowned for its competence.


Since 1993, The Baron has set out to fulfil a dream

where food credentials were impeccable and ambience unrivalled. Experience relaxed conversation,

wholesome home cooked meals and a guarantee for enjoyment at any of our recognised branches.

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“from family comes pride and from pride comes excellence”